Removing These Items From Your Closet Will Give Your Wardrobe Some Space to Breathe

When it comes to living life to the fullest, most of us aren’t thinking of being better organized, but it seriously helps. It’s crucial to confront our unworn clothes, beloved pieces that no longer fit, or old apparel from a bygone era – and these items can be found in your closet. Decluttering your closet is an absolute must if you want to streamline your daily routine and reclaim a ton of storage space. So, in the spirit of the organization, here are three items you could – and should – remove from your closet.

Your clothes that you haven’t worn in a year.

Everyone is guilty of holding on to old clothes. Maybe, the item in question was a gift from a dear friend or a clearance rack steal that was impossible to pass up at the time. You might even attach fond memories to certain pieces of clothing. Even still, you must say goodbye to these items, so you can make room for newer threads. As a general rule, if you haven't worn an item in a year, it's time for it to go.

Your surplus of extra hangers.

We know it’s hard to throw away extra hangers. But, if your closet is overrun with unused hangers, you owe it to yourself to reclaim that space. Toss out any hanger that doesn’t have a dedicated item in your closet. You might also consider replacing bulky plastic hangers with hangers that are slimmer in size. This way, you can hold on to a few extra without taking up quite as much space.

Your entire luggage set.

Many people store luggage in their closets, but this method isn’t exactly efficient. In fact, bulky luggage sets take up a ton of valuable closet space! Instead of storing luggage in your closet, stash it under your bed or at the top of a closet. You can even take advantage of the empty space and store out-of-season items or extra linens in there.

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