3 Tips to Keep in Mind As You Job Hunt During the Pandemic

Have you lost your job due to novel coronavirus, and hope to find employment again? Are you contemplating a career change, but unsure how to job search during the current pandemic? You're not alone. Right now, millions of Americans are facing an uncertain job market, as COVID-19 continues to ravage our nation’s economy. However, in spite of these conditions, there are a few ways to continue actively working on your job search. These tips will help you navigate the process during the coronavirus pandemic.

Set realistic expectations.

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to set realistic expectations for your job search. If you can afford to put your job search on hold, you may want to wait it out, while finding ways to make your current job more enjoyable. If you aren’t currently employed, consider that your next job might not be the perfect job, but rather a short-term solution while you work to find your next big opportunity. Setting a realistic expectation now will help you to avoid heartache later, should you not be able to land the job you were hoping for.

Harness the power of online networking.

Networking is a valuable part of any job search strategy. That’s why it can be devastating to realize that in-person networking events and happy hours aren’t likely to happen for a long time. Instead of prioritizing traditional networking events, turn your efforts online. Look for professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn. Spruce up your professional profiles, and update your website or online portfolio, if you have one. That way, when you make an exciting professional connection, you’ll be ready to email your new contacts links to your work and/or resume.

Boost relevant career skills.

Even the most energetic job-seeker will likely run into lulls during this unique period of time. However, a period of general uncertainty shouldn't stand in your way of overall progress. In other words, it’s a smart move to use this time to bolster your qualifications by re-visiting a skill you acquired long ago or learning a new one, via a free online course. You can sign up for courses in coding, Microsoft training, digital marketing, and data science. You can also earn certifications affiliated with Google Analytics. No matter how you choose to beef up your skillset, you can bet that doing so will pay off in your job hunt.

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