Love and Science Make for a Beautiful Love Story Full of Infinite Possibilities

Make plans to see this production of Nick Payne’s Constellations at The Generic Theater on Friday, February 7th!

Suppose that life exists in a multiverse – a set of parallel existences that contain infinitely different futures. The possibilities in our lives are, quite literally, endless. Every possible event that could happen, does happen, in one universe or another. And, if two lovers meet— are drawn together in every version of existence—every possible happy ending and heartbreak that could befall them, will.

Marianne, a physicist, and Roland, a beekeeper, meet at a party. They hit it off and go for a drink, or perhaps they don’t. They go home together, or maybe they go their separate ways. Perhaps Marianne is engaged to someone else, perhaps Roland is. Maybe she breaks his heart, maybe he breaks hers. Perhaps they come together and their love story can finally take root and grow, or perhaps it will be tragically cut short.

Nick Payne’s beautiful play, Constellations, explores how even the smallest change in our lives can dramatically alter the course we take. It is a spellbinding exploration of love, science, quantum theory, and infinite possibility for heartbreak or for hope. But what happens next defies the boundaries of the world we think we know—delving into the infinite possibilities of their relationship and raising questions about the difference between choice and destiny.

Constellations will be presented at The Generic Theater from February 7th to 23rd. Tickets start at $12 and are available for purchase at For additional information, please call 757-441-2160.

Community interaction is an important part of life, which is why The Westport Apartments in Norfolk, Virginia is urging you to join in all of the excitement at this event! Don’t be shy—plenty of fun awaits in the greater neighborhood beyond our beautiful apartment community.

Event Time/Date:
Friday, February 7, 2020—8:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
The Generic Theater
215 Saint Paul’s Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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