Looking to Natural Remedies? Here Are 4 Healing Plants to Include in Your Space

Imagine an apartment with CO2 balanced air, heightened energy and focus, and access to natural solutions, like aloe vera gel. No, this place doesn’t just exist in your daydreams – it can actually be yours if you put the time in effort into curating a collection of healing plants. Adding medicinal plants to your indoor and/or outdoor garden can transform your abode from just an ordinary space into a certified “Zen den” for all things self-care and health & wellness.

From the beginning of history, our ancestors have learned how to use plants to heal and promote good health. While modern science has identified herbal medicine and alternative treatments as valuable to amplifying our current lives and future health, we always suggest that anything is taken as medicine be used under the supervision of a knowledgeable healthcare professional to ensure optimum results. Despite this disclaimer, here are our 4 favorite healing plants below!

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera is no stranger to mainstream health and wellness. You have most likely seen this popular succulent as an ingredient in your favorite skincare products or in juices at your favorite health food store. These plants require little maintenance and water, only needing H2O about every three weeks or so. The clear gel from the plant is used to treat home burns, cuts, and small skin infections. Not only is aloe vera healing on the skin, but it's a powerful potion when taken internally and can help with digestion, offer anti-inflammatory properties, and encourage good gut bacteria.

Ginger – Ginger can be found in most of your favorite kombucha and on the side of all of your sushi rolls. Not only will it cleanse your palette before a killer meal, but it will also help with digestion and reduce nausea. Another benefit of ginger is its ability to fight a cold. Like aloe vera, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties. These gingerols and shaogals kill rhinoviruses, which is the cause of the common cold, and relieve a sore throat quickly. Bottom line is that adding ginger to your diet is a great way to stay healthy! So, you should consider introducing the knobby root into your collection.

The “House Plant Starter Kit” – Looking to build an indoor plant sanctuary? Say hello to your air-purifying “house plant starter kit,” which includes the following five plants: the spider plant, the snake plant, the fiddle leaf fig, the ponytail palm, and the Boston Fern. These common, easy-to-maintain house plants will reduce negative mood, decrease distraction, and encourage creativity. Seriously, what could be better than these positive effects, especially during an extended quarantine period? All five of these plants are also known to bring balance and harmony to your homes’ moisture levels!

Kava – Experiencing stress and anxiety? Honestly, many of us are right now. So, unwind a bit with the kava plant. Thanks to its strong anti-anxiety compounds, known as kavalactones, this tropical plant can put any racing mind at ease. Ultimately, the kava plant can be used as herbal medicine, whether it is produced as tea or tincture. It is effective in making one less edgy after a long and difficult day – and who hasn’t had one, or more, of those lately? For those of us not in Hawaii, the kava is a perfect indoor window plant as it likes equal parts shade and sunlight.

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