Ditch Netflix and the Nintendo Switch for Some Time Outdoors, Spent as a Family

Playing outside with your children isn't just about encouraging more physical activity— it’s also about supporting their mental health, especially during an uncertain time in our nation’s history. While wrangling up the kids is always a challenge, you should be a pro at it after a strict quarantine! Here are

Parents vs. Kids Soccer Game

Soccer is an awesome game, full of teamwork, athleticism, and just good, ol’ fashioned fun. To begin, head to the nearest open space, whether it’d be within your community’s property or a park on the outskirts. All you need is a soccer ball and objects to mark your separate goal lines. With children of different ages and abilities and parents of varying levels of fitness, just remember not to take the game to seriously and take advantage of being outside, soaking up some much needed Vitamin D.

Chalk Obstacle Course

All you need for this fun parent-child activity is some chalk and a vision. You just need to draw a standard hopscotch course and go from there. Consider inserting challenges that are based around your child or children’s age and ability. For example, in one square, you can write, “Hop like a bunny 3x,” while others could include challenges such as “jump on one foot,” “walk on your hands,” or “do 5 push-ups.” If you defeat the square’s challenge, you move on, but those who cannot are left behind. Whoever gets to the end of the Chalk Obstacle Course, wins the game!


What’s better than staring at the night sky? Pair it with some blankets, hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows, and the people you love, and you’ve got the perfect night set for the whole household, especially your little ones. If you’re stuck in the city but have a means of transportation, consider taking a drive out to a more remote spot. It will adhere to social distancing standards, and get your children out of the house—and even better yet, during the night-time, which is sure to be exciting for them. Remember to bring your star chart, and see how many constellations you can identify together!

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